Almost famous……………. yeah, right!

Snap shot

So, back when we had our crocodile enclosure built we had two crocodiles arrive from the only croc zoo in the UK (very awesome place, check it out). Whilst they were being transferred the BBC were filming for a show called ‘Animal Movers’. Shortly, afterwards we found out Crocodiles of the World were moving saltwater crocs so we amused none of the footage from our site would be used. However, when watching the show I all of a sudden recognised a camera….. low and behold I appeared on TV for a few short seconds. (A snapshot photo of the brief seconds)

Almost famous………. not!


Sea turtles!


At present, I am incredible fortunate in that I work with 4 sea turtles of 2 different species. I work with 2 green sea turtles (top of the picture) and 2 juvenile loggerhead sea turtles (bottom pictures). I’m fortunate in the fact that they are all endangered species. With the loggerheads the most exciting factor is that not much is known about sea turtles at this age. So data is being added into the knowledge database on these two. All the turtles seem to have their own personalities and I’m very grateful for the chance to work with them!