Pygmy Seahorses: Master of Camouflage

This is awesome! If only I could get myself into this sort of research situation


Cute piggies


Ok, so while at the New Forest Steam Cider Making Event I found these two. They were found around the bobbing for apples barrel, munching on all the apples the children were dropping. They are so cute! I now have to add pigs to the pet want list!

Filmed using my Gopro hero 3+

Holiday Blues

So, I have been back in the UK from a week long holiday in Lanzarote. It was an epic week: sun, sea and scuba! 5 days underwater, amazing! I will try and remember to post some pictures. Being back is great but holiday blues are setting in. The arrival of these tickets certainly did help, woot! To the Dive Show 2014 at the NEC in Birmingham.