French Grunt

French grunts (Haemulon flavolineatum) having a dispute over territory.

So, whilst at work last week I stumbled over this behaviour. Having seen it before I however, did not have my camera to record it. This time I did, get in! The quality is not great. I was using my compact digital camera which is a Canon XUS 80 IS, zoomed in a small amount and this is what happened.


Feeling glum!

So it does happen every once in a while. The glum feeling comes around when I see the amount of cool marine research going on or the exciting new developments that are occurring! I wonder how am I not involved in this. Every time I try, I get shut down. So annoying! Do people not realise how much potential I have and how passionate I am or the amount of experience I have already gained! Maybe within the marine field I need to choose a different area to get involved with!

The plot of ‘Interstellar,’ in 10 TED Talks

Seeing this next week and definitely looking forward to it!

TED Blog

Since the first teaser in late 2013, we’ve been in countdown mode for Interstellar, Christopher Nolan’s new outer-space epic that promises to blast us through space and time and wormholes. If you’re as excited as we are but can’t clear three hours to go see the whole movie, here’s the plot we could figure out from obsessively watching trailers.

The story begins on an Earth devastated by drought and climate change. Guys, we’re running out of food! It’s dystopian, but unless we take action, we’re heading there in reality too. In this talk, Jonathan Foley makes a case for “terrafarming” — thinking of the planet’s food systems as one big connected whole.

Curious how such a devastating climate change might happen? Gavin Schmidt shows us how emergent global patterns are causing our climate to get less predictable (scary, but they make hypnotizing GIFs).

As an aside, I don’t know about…

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