#givingtuesday 2/12/14

How time is flying by! Now a little late but distractions are mighty high this time of year. So, 2nd December 2014 was giving Tuesday. A day to raise awareness and funds for conservation projects.

For giving Tuesday I went to Bristol Zoo Gardens which is a charity doing a lot of good conservation work and awareness. They had a massive range of animals and also breeding some critically endangered ones. This includes a snail that is actually extinct in the wild. The best way to explain that, this snail is only found at this zoo and any others that carry out breeding projects on them and no where else in the world. How cool is that? I recommend a visit if you get the chance.

Anyways to donate to charity I supported their ‘feed a baby penguin’ appeal. I can see people rolling their eyes at this as its baby animals. However, my reasons for supporting this, I have seen African penguins that they are supporting actually in South Africa. Seeing an animal in its natural habitat and knowing it needs help, you just have too! You can’t ignore it! Even though I could not give a lot I still donated to help feed a baby penguin!



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