Ocean Drifters

I love plankton. Its amazing it has so much diversity if you don’t believe get out this link….


8 days to go……

Well, with only 8 days left on my Dechox I thought I would update everyone. I can’t say that I have missed chocolate all that much. The one thing I have found hard is the convenience of grabbing a chocolate bar when I want a snack or when I’m in a rush. I can’t really say I lost a massive amount of weight either! I feel thinner but the scales tell me my weight hasn’t changed. At least I know the money I have raised goes towards life saving research.  So please take a trip over to my giving page and donate. Every little helps 🙂



So I won’t continually post about how I’m suffering from the lack of chocolate in my life as I know there are people who are in a lot worse situation than myself. Also, this is self inflicted for charity. But today I did notice the lack there of. Walking past the chocolate in the supermarket did not help. I was sooo hungry after work and I wanted a quick snack for my walk home, a bar of chocolate would have been the quickest and easiest. However, I was very good and continued past ignore the calls of the sweet, creamy taste that I am to go without. Whilst walking around I did have to actually put some thought into what I could and couldn’t have! Thats the whole idea behind a challenge so when I’m craving chocolate you will hear back from me, lol!

If you want to stop hearing me whine, please donate: https://www.justgiving.com/dechox2015-eleanorrichards