Beat the Bead!

I have been banging on about this for years and felt no one was listening. Very glad this is know a global campaign. There are plenty of natural alternatives, the one I use is StIves Apricot Scrub. 


Diving in Malta!


I mentioned in a previous post that I was off to Malta for a week holiday. For me that means a week of diving. This was not my first time to Malta however, first time I stayed on the main island. Last time I spent about two weeks on Gozo where again I did a lot of diving.

So this dive trip to Malta allowed me to see a few of the wrecks. Usually I’m not much of a wreck fan, I’m a reef kind of girl I did however, enjoy all the dives I participated in. I got to dive the Um El Faroud (second largest wreck in the Mediterranean Sea. Fourth element has produced a 3D tour of the wreck, which can be found here: HMS Maori was the most marine covered and broken down wreck it had been sunk the longest. I was also luck enough to be able to dive the Rozi and tugboat 2 both similar in size. These are only a small selection of the dive-able wrecks around Malta so a return trip will hopefully add to the logbook. I have included a photo from the Rozi. Photobombed by a beam!