Penguin Awareness Day

20th January 2016, was Penguin awareness day. I am late with blogging this due to flying home from Egypt on the 2oth. So belated happy Penguin Awareness day!

Penguins are so much fun and amazing birds. They can not fly, but they can swim reaching up to 25kph.  Meaning that catching fish is how they eat.


As fun and cool as penguins are, they like every animal on the planet are facing a lot of threats to their survival. So what is threatening penguin populations? As mentioned before fish are their main prey item and who likes to eat fish? We do! So we are causing a massive decline in food available for penguins. Also, when penguins are raising their chicks on shore, it means they have to travel further out to sea to catch food. Leaving chicks very vulnerable to predation and starvation.

Climate change is another threat. More extreme weather is never helpful. Penguins do get hyperthermia from rainfall, particularly chicks that haven’t developed their waterproof feather or moulting adults. Not only do you get increased storms and rain but also longer hotter dry periods leading again to death.  Climate change also has effects on prey distribution as well.

It is however, not all doom and gloom. Awareness day like the 20th allow people to find out more about penguins and to help make changes to help their populations.

Playing with penguins! #penguins #livingcoasts #gopro #hero3plus

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Racing Extinction

I watched this a while back and thought I posted across all my social media however, I feel I might have forgotten a few. If I didn’t it is worth a reminder.

Racing Extinction a document in regards to the destruction of the species on this planet. I follow the Racing Extinction page on Instagram and the documentary has been on Discovery. I unfortunately don’t have this! Someone posted the link and I watched and am now passing this along. It is a definite must see by everyone. We are destroying this planet and wiping species out, we need this to slow down! Also, it has one of my lectures from my undergraduate degree in it! Education and awareness is key.

It’s better to light 1 candle than to curse the darkness!


Happy New Year

So, it’s only the 2nd Jan! Epic fail lol! I was unfortunately working on new years day. Disadvantage of working with animals you don’t get holidays off! I wouldn’t change it though, I love what I do. It was a chilled day and a chilled New Years eve but ring in the new year and we will really get things going!

I gave up making new years resolutions, as I never fulfilled them. This year though I want more adventure and hopefully some change. We make our own change however!

Anyways, happy new year to y’all! I hope it is a good one!