Finding Dory!

I’m sure everyone is just as excited as I am for the chance to watch Finding Dory. We here in the UK seem to be getting one of the later release dates unfortunately! In some countries around the world the showings have commenced. There is only one major issue concerning a lot of marine conservationists around the world and that is the backlash of every child wanting their very own Dory at home. This was the case when Finding Nemo came out. I was working in an aquatic pet store when this movie was released and it was amazing how the sales of clownfish skyrocketed. So, the issue with Dory, Dory represents a type of fish called a Regal Tang. Regal tangs are notoriously picky fish, very difficult to keep. They get stressed super easy and will pick up just about every disease along the way. They also do not breed in aquariums so every Dory you see has been wild caught. Imagine the devastation that is going to occur when all the regal tangs are taken from the ocean to fulfil the desire of wanting a Dory at home. A desire that will fade. Not a good thing! So, remember when seeing Finding Dory don’t go out and purchase her.

This short video explains it all (Taken from Youtube) ….


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