Plastic Free

I have remained quiet about the fact I am going to be an Ocean Film Festival crew member this year. I am very excited about being able to participate and have wanted to do this during previous years however, found out about it too late! So this year I have gotten in early and get to annoy the world with more ocean related topics. The film festival doesn’t start until September when selected destination through out the UK will get viewings of the latest and best ocean films (

With the build up to September however, there is going to be a Plastic Free July. Are you up for the challenge? The idea behind this is to stop using single use plastics for the whole month with the potential of stopping forever. I am currently not able to complete the full challenge but I will be completing the TOP 4. The TOP4 includes take away coffee cups, straws, carrier bags and single use plastic bottles. This I think is do-able and I am already really good with a few of these. Sometime sliding with others! Do you think you could give up these items? Needless to say as the month begins I will fill my blog with the reasons behind giving up plastic.

Will you take the challenge-1.jpg


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