Ocean Film Festival

Speaking of onward and upwards. It has begun! Touring through out the UK is the Ocean film festival ( check out here for dates near you!) and I am going to be a crew member for the showing near me. I thought I would throw out a snippet of what is being shown. Check out the taster!!!


Sea Urchin Time Lapse

The spiky animals featured in this short video are sea urchins. Sea urchins are fascinating creatures. They belong to the same family as the starfish, sea cucumbers and the sand dollar. A family known as Echinoderms. Often an under appreciated family. Did you know that if a starfish loses an arm, it would re-grow it? Or that a sea cucumber can completely excrete it’s digestive system and then grow a new one? How cool is that? I wanted to explain how these animals move as they often do it so slowly you would not notice (hence the time-lapse video). Also, remembering they are invertebrates so they have no bones. So, how do they do this? Echinoderms have what is termed tube feet. Tube feet are tubular projection with suckers on the end. On the sea urchin they are found between the spines and on the starfish they are found under the arms. In order to control and move these feet the echinoderm will use their vascular system, which consists of water! That’s right water. By contracting chamber of water within the body they control which feet move and which ones don’t. The amazing features of this family do go on and on but as it’s all about them moving I will control myself and stop there.

Racing Extinction

I watched this a while back and thought I posted across all my social media however, I feel I might have forgotten a few. If I didn’t it is worth a reminder.

Racing Extinction a document in regards to the destruction of the species on this planet. I follow the Racing Extinction page on Instagram and the documentary has been on Discovery. I unfortunately don’t have this! Someone posted the link and I watched and am now passing this along. It is a definite must see by everyone. We are destroying this planet and wiping species out, we need this to slow down! Also, it has one of my lectures from my undergraduate degree in it! Education and awareness is key.

It’s better to light 1 candle than to curse the darkness!


Palm reading: Should we buy or boycott products containing palm oil?

Palm Reading

WWF blog on palm oil. Palm oil is used heavily due to it being cheap. However, the production of palm oil has massive consequences to the environment, deforestation being the biggest. Deforestation is the removal of any native fauna and replacing them with the single crop, palm oil. Not only does this displace all the animals within the ecosystem to begin with, it kills many! The removal of the trees also has an impact on climate change. One of the animals that are getting a lot of attention in regards to palm oil is the orangutan. The reason; over 90% of the orangutan habitat has been destroyed in the last 20years. This species is being impacted to an unbelievable level and it’s not the only factor affecting them. However, this week 9-15th November 2015 is Orangutan Awareness week. So, during this week, if you can visit your local zoo, research products to use that don’t contain palm oil or uses sustainable oil, donate to one of the many sanctuaries that are rehabilitating and releasing these amazing animals back into the wild. Education and awareness is key!