Palm reading: Should we buy or boycott products containing palm oil?

Palm Reading

WWF blog on palm oil. Palm oil is used heavily due to it being cheap. However, the production of palm oil has massive consequences to the environment, deforestation being the biggest. Deforestation is the removal of any native fauna and replacing them with the single crop, palm oil. Not only does this displace all the animals within the ecosystem to begin with, it kills many! The removal of the trees also has an impact on climate change. One of the animals that are getting a lot of attention in regards to palm oil is the orangutan. The reason; over 90% of the orangutan habitat has been destroyed in the last 20years. This species is being impacted to an unbelievable level and it’s not the only factor affecting them. However, this week 9-15th November 2015 is Orangutan Awareness week. So, during this week, if you can visit your local zoo, research products to use that don’t contain palm oil or uses sustainable oil, donate to one of the many sanctuaries that are rehabilitating and releasing these amazing animals back into the wild. Education and awareness is key!